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Sea-Band Drug Free - Nausea, Motion Sickness and Morning Sickness Relief Band.

One Size Fits all -Adults

Effective relief of motion sickness, morning sickness and cancer nausea and vomiting, Sea-Band provides a drug free choice without causing drowsiness or other side effects.

Using Sea-Band couldn't be simpler: put the acupressure band around your wrist and see your nausea symptoms subside.

Sea-Bands are suitable for adults and children and are machine washable. Learn more about Sea-Band for relieving your motion sickness, morning sickness or cancer nausea and vomiting.

Sea-Band is clinically proven to relieve nausea of various types.

Motion Sickness and Travel Sickness
Morning Sickness
Post Operative and Chemotherapy Induced Nausea

Motion Sickness and Travel Sickness

Don't let motion sickness ruin your journeys whether they be by land, air or sea. If you or your children experience motion sickness while travelling Sea-Bands may help to reduce your nausea letting you enjoy your journey again. Drug-free, Sea-Bands can relieve your motion sickness

Morning Sickness
For many pregnant women, morning sickness is not just a problem in the morning. In some cases morning sickness can last all day, and can range from feeling nauseaous to actually vomiting many times a day. In many countries, up to 80% of women will suffer from morning sickness or pregnancy sickness and Sea-Bands may help to reduce both feelings of nausea, and may reduce vomiting as well.

Post Operative and Chemotherapy Induced Nausea

Nausea and vomiting is a common and unpleasant side-effect of chemotherapy for cancer patients, and despite improvements in anaesthetic techniques, many post-operative patients still suffer nausea and vomiting after an operation. For cancer patients nausea can continue for a number of days therefore impacting on their daily lives. Drug-free, Sea-Bands may help to relieve cancer nausea and vomiting


Instructions for Use:

Sea-Bands may be used to relieve motion sickness, morning sickness and cancer nausea and vomiting.

To ensure your Sea-Bands work properly, please follow the instructions below to position your wristbands correctly.

  1. Place your middle three fingers on the inside of your wrist with the edge of the third finger on the wrist crease. The Nei-Kuan point is just under the edge of your index finger between the two central tendons.

  2. Position the button facing downward over the Nei-Kuan point. Repeat the process for the other wrist.

  3. One band must be worn on each wrist to be effective. Sea-Bands can be put onto your wrist before you start travelling, or after you have started your journey.

Sea-Band is suitable for adults and children.

What are Sea-Bands?
Sea-Bands are a low-cost, clinically proven, drug free alternative treatment for the control of nausea and vomiting. They are acupressure bands that fit around the patient's wrist just like a sweat band-with a pressure stud sewn inside.

A University of Pittsburgh Medical Center study using Sea-Bands acupressure on post-op patients reduced the incidence of nausea to 10% - a two-thirds reduction

What are they used for?
Sea-Bands will benefit persons suffering with nausea and vomiting associated with:

  • Motion

  • Pregnancy

  • Chemotherapy

  • Post Operative

Are Sea-Bands cost effective?
Yes, tests conducted on post-operative patients in hospitals have shown that Sea-Bands have a direct effect on the cost of care by reducing:

  1. The length of recovery - patients are more likely to recover quickly if they are not experiencing nausea

  2. Amount of anti-emetic drugs administered

  3. PACU nursing care

  4. Unplanned admissions related to nausea and vomiting following out-patient procedures

When Sea-Bands are placed on a patient prior to surgery, many do not suffer with nausea or vomiting. those patients who still need anti-emetic drugs may be subjected to fewer drugs and lower doses.

It has been cited that Sea-Bands are As effective as ordinary anti-emetics; completely devoid of side effects
How do they work?

A plastic stud is attached to the inside of the wrist band which exerts pressure and stimulates the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) acupressure point. It has been proven that pressure on this point relieves nausea and vomiting.

How long do they take to work?

Nausea is typically reduced within 5 minutes after Sea-Bands are applied.
When should they be administered?

Sea-Bands may be applied as a preventative measure before the onset of nausea (such as before surgery to reduce the risk of nausea and vomiting associated with anaesthesia).

Sea-Bands may also be applied after the onset of nausea.
Do they have any side effects?

Sea-Bands are drug free, and have no side effects.

Can they be used in combination with anti-emetic drugs?

Yes, Sea-Bands can be used with any other drugs.

Are there any contra-indications for Sea-Band use?

There are no contra-indications.
Can they be used on Children?

Yes, Sea-Bands have been used successfully on children as young as two years of age. However, they must fit snugly around the wrist to work.
Do they interfere with IVs?

Roseann Ferrara-Love, MSN, RN, CPAN, CAPA, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, pointed out in her lecture at the ASPN conference (1999) that the pressure is not great enough from the wrist bands to effect the flow of an IV.

She did suggest, however, that the band be placed on a patients wrist - prior to an IV - only to ensure that the IV was not placed too close to the P6 point where the band must be positioned to work effectively.
Do Sea-Bands contain Latex?

No, Sea-Bands are Latex-free.

What clinical data/research is available to support their use?

Selected studies mentioned in this literature include:
Rose Ferrara-Love, MSN, RN, CPAN, CAPA, Nonpharmacologic Treatment of Postoperative Nausea, 1996 American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses.
Stannard, DM (1989) Pressure Prevents Nausea, Nursing Times p33-34
Effect of Stimulation of the P6 Anti-emetic Point on Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting. British Journal of Anesthesia, 1980

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