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Helping you glow inside and out

Collagen Beauty is a unique opportunity to create wellness from the inside out with VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides.

Daily use of Collagen Beauty can:

  • Assist in noticeably firmer and smoother skin with fewer wrinkles
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Acts in dermal skin (inner) against the root cause of ageing
  • Slow the process of the skin losing its firmness
  • Increase skin moisture significantly
  • Improve gut health

Just 10g daily of Collagen Beauty can improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkle depth, increase dermal pro-collagen and elastic concentration significantly after just 4 weeks, helping you glow from the inside out. 

Serving Suggestion: For best results take 12g (two scoops) daily. Collagen Beauty is temperature resistant and fully dissolves in hot or cold liquid while maintaining nutritional value, Flavourless and odourless, Collagen Beauty easily can be mixed into sweet things like smoothies, chia puddings rolled into bliss balls or baked into banana bread.

Add to savoury food like bone broth, soups, and sauces. You can also add it to hot drinks like tea and coffee. Get creative!

Suitable for all ages 12 months plus!

Ingredients: Hydrolysed Collagen, VERISOL®, Guava, Amla, Horsetail (Equisetum arvense).

The nitty gritty on Verisol®…

What differentiates types of collagen is the way they are enzymatically hydrolysed. There are specific enzymes that break down each collagen peptide chain into different final molecular weight profiles.  This results in different remaining peptide chains within the collagen powder (so all amino acids are the same it is the length of the chains and the different terminal ends of the chains that are important to each of the collagen peptide products).

*All Collagen in this product is from a bovine source (cow).

Sold by weight not volume, some settling may occur.


Nutritional InformationCollagen BeautySERVINGS PER PACKAGE: 37.5 (450g)  18.5 (225g)  SERVING SIZE: 12gQuantity
per ServeRDI %Quantity
per 100gEnergy200kJ2%1666kJProtein11.8g21%98gFat, total0.0g0%0.0g– saturated0.0g0%0.0gCarbohydrate0.0g0%0.0g– Sugars0.0g0%0.0gSodium60mg3%500mgVitamin C30mg63%250mgSilica98.2mgN/A818mgZinc1.95mg13%16.1mgGlutenNot DetectedN/ANot Detected

NZ$69.99 NZ$59.49
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