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Natalee Durrant - I am a naturopath, medical herbalist and a bodywork therapist.

At present I offer naturopathic and herbal consultations from Wellworks Pharmacy located on Taranaki St, Wellington on Thursdays.

Naturopathy & Herbalism: As a naturopath I am passionate about supporting and enabling clients to develop and maintain optimal health and well-being; therefore helping them to achieve their individual health goals. I enjoy treating a wide range of health complaints and specialise in fertility and women's reproductive health issues. I love supporting clients in taking on life with renewed strength and vigour.

Body Work: As a practitioner I like to look at the full picture of a person. I utilise therapeutic massage and myofascial release (MFR) to support an individual back into alignment. The body stores tension both physical and emotional and I believe that body work can be one part of the equation in the journey back to health. I particularly enjoy using MFR as this supports the restorative part of the nervous system and is interlinked to all body systems; this allows for some amazing responses in clients.

Consultation Fees

Initial general consult 60min                        $120

Initial fertility consult 120min                       $200

Initial child consult (under 12)                      $100

Follow up consults 30-45min                       $60-80

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